I know what it’s like to have no self-esteem, to think someone else has the answers, and that if I just get myself “right,” life will be good.

I know what it’s like to have no confidence and be unable to use my voice to say “no” and speak my truth.

I know what it’s like to give my body and time away to someone out of fear that if I don’t, they’ll leave. 

There was a time when although I looked good on the outside, inside I was lonely, addicted, plagued by guilt and “shoulds,” resentful, uncertain, angry, frightened, and shame filled.  I was disconnected from how I felt and I looked outside myself for the answers.  I was lonely.  I never thought I was pretty and never thought I was smart although I’d graduated from high school and technical school with high honors.  I was a people pleaser.  I stuffed my feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, and unworthiness, with exercise, work, food, drugs, alcohol, and men.   

It took an inelegant yet absolutely necessary journey to the center of myself and back again to eliminate the self-denial, self-neglect, and self-rejection that perpetuated my unhappiness.     

My memoir, From Sex Appeal to Self Appeal:  One Woman’s Journey to Recover Her Body, Her Sexuality, Her Self, goes into great detail of how I overcame being a victim and learned to be my own best friend. Through experiences I had and insight into myself that I gained, I grew safety within my body and trust within my mind to make healthy choices that would nurture me and help me feel good.     

It was only after I learned to love all my present thoughts and feelings along with my past actions, that I was able to eliminate chaos and find inner peace.  It was only after I learned to value my body as being precious and valuable and not just something that others could look at and find pretty and sexual, could I finally attract the man of my dreams and flourish in family relationships that I’d previously neglected.  Today I have work and a happy, full, love-filled life.

I’ve lived and tested my Self Appeal® philosophy before I ever imagined using it to help others.  For fifteen years, I’ve been helping women embrace their bodies and build confidence, esteem, respect, and trust within themselves. My programs have helped women worldwide successfully release inhibitions, heal shame, increase intimacy, and strengthen personal relationships.

I can help you too.

I specialize in helping women build the relationship with themselves so they can have the love, work, and energy they desire and thrive in. 

While working with me to build your self appeal you’ll learn how to: 

  • Set personal boundaries so you have more self-respect, time, and freedom
  • Hear and validate the true you that you’ve stuffed down
  • Stop comparing yourself to others for greater confidence
  • Heal shame and self-condemnation so your future is joyful and prosperous
  • Eliminate self criticism and judgment so you build courage and take risks
  • Create relationships that you enjoy
  • Value and care for your body so you have health and energy
  • Take action to realize your dreams
  • Establish a support system that builds you up
  • Be less inhibited in your romance

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