Love Your Body, Change Your Life - video training series


Love Your Body, Change Your Life - video training series


Begin raising your self-esteem, confidence and courage today! 

What you’ll get in this course:

  1. 7 short videos (47 minutes total) delivered over 21 days-one video every 3 days 
  2. 44-page follow along workbook with:
  • instruction, inspiration, story and guidance to start your journey to love yourself more
  • complete easy-to-follow interactive transcript and slides 
  • simple homework suggestions (no lengthy written homework instead ideas to keep you engaged and thinking about a new more powerful way of being in the world)
  • tips sheet you can start to implement right away to have more love for yourself
  • discounted ticket for the Box It Out With Your Inner Critic and Win for More Success! training

Take the action to feel really good about who you are today and start making positive life changes!  Want to learn more? click here

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