All relationships start with the relationship you have with yourself.


In a hurried up world where we women are bombarded by images and messages that we're not good enough the way we are, it's important to tune into ourselves to find acceptance and approval.  It's important to reclaim our bodies as the beautiful vessels they are.  Building self appeal is about creating a more positive body- and self-image.  

Through the Self Appeal® process, a relationship with the self is built that grows more loving and intimate with time. You develop a conscious awareness and understanding of the self that facilitates honest introspection and unconditional positive regard leading to increased esteem, authentic confidence, and loving action.  

This positive, affirming relationship with yourself influences all other relationships in your life and models for others how to treat you as well as how to treat themselves.  It helps you tap into the passion, creativity and joy of life that you were born with and that is your birthright.