You are beautiful. You are valuable. You have power.
Know it. Feel it. Tap into it.

In a hurried-up world where you're bombarded by messages that you're not good enough the way you are, it's important to build a relationship with yourself that's positive and nurturing so you get the love and support you desire. Developing better self-care and self-love muscles builds your self-image and guarantees you'll have greater confidence and courage to create what you want and attract who you want. Building Self Appeal empowers you to be authentically you and take action on your best choices in life therefore becoming more peaceful, joyful and powerful.


All power comes from within and is built upon acceptance and gratitude. Self Appeal classes are designed to help you love your body, your one true home, speak your truth so you feel heard and accepted, and improve relationships so they feel supportive and loving.


Susan Bremer O'Neill is an experienced life coach who has been working with women for over fifteen years. Individual and group Self Appeal coaching helps you focus on the one person who can truly make a difference in your life--YOU. Tune into yourself to manifest positive experiences that uplift and support your dreams.  Influence and role model for others how to give you the love you want and need.

Self Appeal® Programs

Whether it's an adolescent girls' group, or a group of high school, college or women (including business women) Susan Bremer O'Neill has fun interactive lecture/workshop opportunities. Every woman deserves to feel pretty, be playful, and achieve empowerement.